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Portfolio of Interactive Booth Attractors

Portfolio of Interactive Booth Attractors

The challenge

Create a novel way to increase rare disease awareness on events and exhibitions.


We created a portfolio of booth attractors in varying scales that can be used on a variety of exhibitions. The portfolio consists of several interactive experiences, which are used to highlight the various symptoms associated with a given rare disease. This includes interactive tables and interactive walls utilising a combination of touch-screens, projection and state of the art technology.


In Basel a doctor diagnosed a patient after having the experience at our solution;

Sanofi Genzyme Gaucher Innovation Award; the best global implemented communication for Gaucher disease;

Increase of dwell time in combination with disease awareness at booths throughout Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.

“The WhiteTable was very appreciated by either the visitors & staff. The WhiteTable & screen helped to attract people to the booth. To have good discussions.”

Sandrine MAURAY - Sanofi Genzyme Europe - European Gaucher Product Manager - Rare Diseases Europe

“Thank you so much for your nice cooperation! The interactive presentation wall was a big success in the congress.”

Nevena Atanasova - Business Assistant SGZ Sanofi Genzyme Bulgaria

“I have been very happy to use the interactive presentation table ‘WhiteTable' on the last 2 EHA congresses. It works very well attracting a many visitors to our booth.”

Patricia van Dongen - EMEA Product Manager Gaucher Portfolio at Sanofi Genzyme NL